Why PR and Outreach for your SaaS?

The paradigm shift in the domain of digital marketing over a few years has made PR extremely important and the best way to maintain it is through outreach campaigns. We understand the importance of this and we have tapped it for the success of various clients. It is time for you to tap it, if you haven’t yet, because it has more power than you can actually think about for the success of your SaaS.

Some of the benefits that effective PR and Outreach Campaigns can have for your SaaS include:

–    Acquire quality backlinks on reputable sites
–    Stay in the news and get more eyeballs
–    Become more credible by getting recommended others
–    Build better relationship with influencers in your niche
–    Become a thought leader in your industry
–    Improve DA, traffic, leads and eventually your growth

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Why SaaS Businesses require PR & Outreach from Stratigia

Our healthy relations with reputable external publishers help your SaaS brand to get a mention and attention in a positive light. These social proofs and coverage helps in adding authority and value to your SaaS.

We help you brighten up your PR & Outreach strategy with strong communications. We help you in creating, crafting and delivering strategic PR & Outreach programs to help your SaaS business target new audience (customers, clients, and peers) around the world.

We have something very exciting for new SaaS startups who are planning to launch a new service. We can help you develop PR & Outreach strategies that can help you increase exposure and establish your SaaS business as a thought leader.

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