List of 33 SaaS And Software Deal Submission Websites for Instant Sales

Bringing customers to your SaaS business is one of the toughest jobs to do. There are many activities that SaaS businesses use to entice the customers in which SaaS deals submission is a nice option. These websites have the strength to expose your SaaS business to thousands of visitors quickly. This sort of promotion works quite effectively to grab the attention of new customers.

Do you know that 85% of customers having yearly household earnings of $200,000 or more look for deals?

According to the CMO Council report, 71% of internet users in the U.S. look for coupons before making a purchasing. It clearly shows that if you have your SaaS software listed on these platforms, then you can easily target massive customers.

If you are in search of promoting your SaaS business in front of a larger audience, then SaaS deal submission websites are the perfect option for you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of deal submission websites where you can submit your SaaS  deals in order to get some instant sales.


1 – App Sumo

App Sumo is a daily deal submission website that was founded in 2010. They were mainly focused on listing the deals related to digital tools. Later on, they also included the deals regarding programming languages, project management, etc.


2 – SaaS Invaders

SaaS Invaders is a SaaS-focused community. They look for deals that facilitate SaaS businesses run and grow their businesses in a better way. You can submit two different types of deals on their site: limited time deal and the ongoing deal.


3 – Techbargains

Techbargains provides deals related to technology products. They also offer other deals as well like electronics, computers, small business, etc.  This website lists the latest technology available like those items that you require on a daily basis.


4 – Lifetime-Deals.Com is a website where you can get the lifetime offer deals on all the top tech SaaS products. They allow you to access all the hottest tech and SaaS deals so that you can get the best deals.


5 – Dealmango

Dealmango offers lifetime deals on SaaS, software, and apps. They updated their site on regular basis and place all the updated deals frequently so that users don’t have to search other places for getting the prefect deals.

6 – provides lifetime and yearly deals on SaaS apps. They help you save up to 90% on these deals if you join their subscribtion for the latest deals.


7 – SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra is an excellent platform where SaaS-based deals are listed. They also list events related to SaaS software’s and have a referral program as well to get some money by referring the top products to your friends.


8 – Deal news

Deal news is a famous website where you can post your SaaS  deal. They have over 14 million visits on their website in a month which clearly shows that people return time and again. They have more than 400 deals every day in the week that means you will always discover anything that you want.


9 – Hip 2 Save

Hip 2 Save is an excellent website having a small team of money-saving experts who are dedicated about having valuable content that resonates with their massive audience. This website is one of the top deal finders with the guarantee of posting deals in every 10 minutes.


10 – Deals 2 Buy

Deals 2 Buy have different listing on their website like free deals and those that are expiring soon. If you are in search of the most up-to-date deals, then these deals are placed into categories with the number of deals accessible in that category clearly mentioned on the home page.

11 – Dealspotr

Deal spotr is a great place to list your SaaS deal. They have more than 70000 deals from people all over the world who assist to make the best database of coupon codes and deal for other users.


12 – Deal plus

Deal plus is a nice place where you can explore, share, and comment on the deals on offer. They share deals and reviews on their website. With over 7 million monthly visitors they are the right place to post your best deals.


13 – Good shop

Good shop is the most influential coupon website to post your software deals. They not only offer the top deals on the internet but also make a donation to the nonprofit or school of your choice for almost every purchase you make.


14 – Slick Deals

Slick deals is one of the most trusted websites for sharing, rating, and reviewing deals and coupons. Lots of people discover deals and coupons across a wide variety of products and retailers. Their community has millions of users who are zealous concerning finding and sharing good deals.


15 – Rewardli

Rewardli is a top provider of white label perks and group buying solutions. Their platform boosts trustworthiness and customer satisfaction and is used by many leading companies. You can easily find great deals on almost any SaaS app you can imagine on their website.


16 – Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals is a website that lists daily deals intended for creative professionals. They offer remarkable deals on quality fonts, templates, apps, eBooks, icons and so on. All the deals posted on their website are reviewed carefully by their team to make sure that you find the best deals.


17 – Bits Du Jour

Bits Du Jour is all about deals from the best Mac and PC software. Their deals start at Midnight Pacific time, and the software vendor is required to answer any questions. They have a massive number of longer running deals as well which let you search the best software at a reasonable price.


18 – Sourceforge

Sourceforge is an excellent website to list your software deals. They have many software’s listed on their website with some great deals.


19 – Ben’s Bargains

Ben’s Bargains is a one-stop solution for the top online deals. They are a team of dedicated deal hunters, focused on searching the latest deals at lowest prices all over the internet. They posted dozens of top-quality deals around the clock so that their customers get the perfect deals.


20 – Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is a website that brings the top deals collectively on the internet, all in a single platform. They will never illustrate you a deal until they confirm that it’s the best one for any product.



21 – Coupon Album

Coupon Album was founded in 2006. They have more than 1000 plus stores on their website, and they provide coupons and discount offers for 4,000 plus top stores. They make the process of finding online coupons and promotions on different products easy for their customers.


22 – DEALigg

DEALigg is a terrific website lo lists your software deals. They will smash you over with the most excellent deals you can locate online. They are a community site whose content is run exclusively by the shoppers themselves.


23 – Deal Catcher

Deal Catcher is an online community where you can find online coupons, products, sales, reviews, and rebates. Their website is updated regularly by their staff. They are keen to provide you with the tools required to stumble on the greatest deals.


24 – Dealio

Dealio is a website to discover the top quality deals on many products. You can easily find and post the best deals on their site regarding a wide range of products.


25 – RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is one of the leading coupon websites where you not only find a wide range of coupons easily but also can post the coupon of your software quite effortlessly.


26 – Promotion Code

Promotion Code was launched in 2008. They have more than 5 million consumers on their site. They provide consumers the platform to save some money by publishing the most updated promotion codes and coupons that are available on the internet.

27 – Coupon Great

Coupon Great allows you to submit the coupon regarding your website by simply filling a short form on their site. They offer you the flexibility to add, update and delete your coupons without their approval.


28 – eDealinfo

eDealinfo is deal submission website that is working in the industry of more than 17 years. They list 250 plus deals on their website daily regarding various products of reputable merchants.


29 – Inky Deals

Inky Deals is a place to get your hands on the most excellent deals and design bundles, at a reasonable price. They have a specific place to list free deals and also of the best deals as well on their site.

30 – Startup Deals

Startup Deals is also a nice place to submit software deals. They are an excellent platform to save money on the software that you want and have listed more than 157 products on their site.


31 – Coupon Whisper

Coupon Whisper is a place where you can browse coupons related to a wide range of industries. They have an exclusive offer tab where only those products are listed that offers limited time offer and also a lifetime deals tab where products that provide lifetime discounts are present.


32 – Deal Coupon Z

Deal Coupon Z helps you save money by using thousands of coupons regarding listed on their website. They have more than 62 thousand stores on their website along with 320, 793 active coupons.


33 – Coupon Bend

Coupon Bend is a nice site that has 50 thousand plus coupons listed in it. They have a very easy to use process for submitting the coupon of your product along with a separate section of seasonal offers to get benefit from all the latest deals.



Deal submission websites have emerged as a fruitful marketing strategy for SaaS businesses because many people nowadays are looking for ways to save some extra bucks. Take your SaaS business to the zenith of success and enjoy the visibility and profitability of your SaaS business by submitting your product to these SaaS deal submission websites.

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