Why Content Marketing For Your Saas?

Great content fuels your inbound marketing campaigns. It does not only helps in driving traffic to your website, but it also helps in educating prospects and converting them to paying customers. Long gone are the days when the content was created for the search engines. Now, the content is meant to educate users. Visitors today are on the look for quality information; a piece which is well written and does not try to sell a product without a significant reason.


How can we help?

● We don’t work as your content mill. We focus on creating content which is highly targeted and aligns perfectly with your goals.

● Content for content’s sake is something which is out of the question. At Stratigia, every piece we create has its own definition and serves a purpose. Most importantly, it coherently fits into the content strategy.

● Our content pieces differentiates our clients in the market as it directly speaks to the buyers’ needs.

● Any agency can craft webinars, articles, and videos but the real art is creating content with your SaaS product in mind. We mean business and we will show you how to convert leads using powerful words!

Why SaaS Businesses require Content Marketing?

Increased Leads

  • Start filling the top of your funnel with leads that are more educated about the solution of their problems and the value of your product.
  • It provides you with a top down approach, which helps in scoring leads as the traffic on your website grows.
  • SaaS Businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth and 67% more leads as compared to ones that don’t.
  • Nearly 47% of the buyers view 3 to 5 pieces content before actually buying.

Organic Growth

  • Content marketing helps you get better rankings and traffic through long tail keywords and focused subject matter.
  • Increase your chances to get more search engine indexed pages.
  • A good content distribution strategy can not only increase the WoM but also impacts referral traffic which compliments your organic growth.

Lowered CAC

  • Content marketing helps in reducing the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by increasing the visitors and educating them about the solution you are offering.
  • Content marketing is more consistent and cost effective when it comes to getting leads as compared to search engine marketing.
  • Content marketing helps in generating more leads with better quality when compared to outbound marketing campaigns.

Higher Conversions and Better Retention

  • Conversion rates through content marketing is six times higher as compared to any other method.
  • SaaS businesses that deploys content marketing are able to retain more customers by providing them with customer centric content.
  • A proper content marketing strategy helps achieving astonishing growth rate to your business.

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