SaaS Customer Retention

It takes around good 11 months for a SaaS Business to earn what it has spent on acquiring a new customer, this is why retention is crucial. Therefore, it is vital for your business to keep your existing customers satisfied and delighted.

CLV helps in creating a recurring income stream, this is why it is recommended that a SaaS business should have a higher LTV to maintain a healthy income stream. Considering the fact that retention is more cost effective than acquisition, SaaS businesses should have a firm grip on their customer base. According to experts, adding as little as 5% retention to your customer base can help boost the profits by 95%.


Why SaaS Businesses require Customer Retention Service from Stratigia

Open communication

  • We help you build personalized customer engagement campaigns on the basis of an effective onboarding strategy to keep users engaged and in touch from the get-go.
  • We work on increasing touch points to have improved and effective communication with the users using their desired touch point based on their availability.

Reasserting you Value Proposition

  • We help you identify the right audience for your business and build a strong image of your brand and product in their mind using different communication strategies.
  • We also help you in identifying the shortcomings in the value proposition and suggest effective plans to make it better.

Creating Partnership

  • We help you set up the right customer success strategy, so that your agents don’t reach out to your customer only for billing inquiries and hard upsells.
  • We help you build a healthy relationship with your customers so they can reach out to you for questions and clarification, rather than churning out.

Improving the Your customer experience

  • We help you build an onboarding process that is appealing, compelling, and motivating for your customers, even for the non-paying users.
  • We will also help you in designing campaigns to cut down you churn ratio through regular communication not only about the product updates but also about users’ feedback.

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