We help you create emails with interactive content that hooks readers. Email marketing is an immensely powerful tool, which is perfect for low cost and high impact marketing. Our email marketing team is expert in creating campaigns that can help you communicate more for less.Be it generating leads, keeping in touch with your existing customer or converting prospects you can blindly trust us for the best results.

Spamming your content is not our business norm, instead we make use of our decent marketing experience to fine tune your email campaign to maximize your ROI. Subject lines with promising open rates and timings at which email land in the box, we strategize everything and back it up with the data. At Stratigia no factor is overlooked.

Why SaaS Businesses/Companies require Email Marketing Service from Stratigia

We work in collaboration with you SaaS business at every step of your email marketing campaign. From designing the campaign, writing the copy, to testing the campaign, executing it and reporting the results, we are optimizing every bit.

Our services include:

  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Customer Feedback Campaigns
  • Onboarding Drip Campaigns
  • Churn Reduction Campaigns
  • Win-Back Email Campaigns

In order to deliver the best results, we closely monitor every campaign that we execute. We believe that A/B testing is important and it is done to find out the best performing one. It is then implemented on a larger segment to derive the best results.

Based on our experience and learnings, we promise highest open and click through rates beating the industry average by leaps and bounds. Our team is very well versed with various email automation software to make things happening for your SaaS. From basic to complicated, you name it and we have it on our domain that can be best aligned with your goals.

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