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your SaaS customers

Speak directly to leads, clients, and past customers.

Convert more leads than ever with email.

Email marketing is often brushed aside by marketers. But do you know as a SaaS start-up you can leverage email marketing to boost your sales like never before?

What are some reasons vouching for email marketing?

  • Email boasts of an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent
  • It is 40 times more effective than social for acquiring customers
  • 91% of users check their emails on a daily basis

As per a study, small and midsize businesses allocated the largest share of their marketing budgets- as much as 20% to email marketing efforts. Are you thinking email marketing is easy?
It is not.

You have to craft content which is out of the box. With 205 billion emails sent around the globe, daily, your email should really stand out to grab attention.
We have your back! At Stratigia, we will guide you how to convert leads using persuasive email campaigns!

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Armed with the right email marketing strategy, your SaaS start-up can:

Why " Email Marketing" from Stratigia?

SaaS email marketing is best handled by experts who have spent years studying the science behind SaaS, experts who have perfected the art of SaaS marketing, experts who know where to chase SaaS customers.

Stratigia is the right match for your SaaS start-up if:

  • You are the owner of a B2B SaaS company
  • You need complete internet marketing services for SaaS
  • You want multiple outsourced services for the price of one

Is your SaaS company struggling against?

  • Low Google rankings
  • High number of customers unsubscribing from your list
  • Low Click-through rates
  • Decreasing organic traffic

As a SaaS entrepreneur, you have no idea how to engage your customers and keep them informed of the offerings. Right now, your emails are going to the junk folder.

As the marketing experts, we will guide you how to:

  • Contact prospective customers
  • Create informative email campaigns to engage customers
  • Convert leads to trial users
  • Convert trial users to satisfied customers
  • Close more deals
  • Win back dissatisfied customers
  • Retain your existing customers
  • Measure success using the top 3 metrics (CTR, web traffic, sales leads)

Be the best with Stratigia.

Don’t let your valuable customers be taken away by your competitors.
Act now. Let’s work on making you the next big entrant in SaaS!