Attract organic traffic on your SaaS with Search
Engine Optimization

SEO is to SaaS what Google is to the web!

Rank better and compete against bigger names in SaaS- with SEO.

Your SaaS business is doing it wrong if SEO is not converting. Yes, SEO is that powerful.

SEO involves studying user intent and using the right combination of user intent and keywords. As experts say, 90% of the searchers behind a keyword are NOT ready to purchase.

This means you have to extract the best out of the remaining 10%. They are your high-value traffic and with SEO, you have a greater chance of converting them. Your web pages will be attracting around a tenth of the potential organic search traffic.

You should be ready with SEO to target and convert that traffic into your customers. .

But the key is selling the product without overdoing SEO. Hand it over to the experts. From researching the keywords to laying down a strategy, a SaaS consulting agency is your best bet

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Why should you hire a SaaS marketing agency and not do it in-house? With the right SEO strategy for your SaaS start-up, you can have:

Why " SEO" from Stratigia?

You have come to the right place if:.

Your SaaS (software as a service) company has been in the business for quite some time and it has still not got the fame you had planned for it to achieve till now.

The reason is:

SaaS SEO is different from SEO for other industries and only someone with years of experience in the industry can tell you insider tips and tricks.

We spend day in and day out in the SaaS industry so we know just what it takes to drive traffic to the website and convert it.

Plus, we offer multiple resources such as SEO, PR, social media, email marketing so you only need to give us your requirements and let us handle the rest.

Many SaaS start-ups face multiple problems such as:

  • An extremely competitive market
  • High cost of PPC and other paid channels
  • Low domain authority affecting ranking
  • Website not well-optimized (CRO

If you are facing one or all of these problems, you have come to the right place. As the marketing experts, we will guide you and help you in fixing all the mistakes.

With Stratigia, you will learn

  • How to target the most appropriate keywords
  • Create interesting Search Result Snippets
  • Use images and video to retain site visitors for a longer time

Among the many SaaS products, we will work to make yours stand out

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Don’t let your valuable customers be taken away by your competitors.
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